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  • Silver Lake Auto Body and Paint

    Silver Lake Auto Body and Paint

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    Silver Lake Auto Body and Paint Location: 2849 Rowena Ave Los Angeles, CA 90039 Phone: +13236655112
  • Howard P.

    Howard P.

    Terrific experience with SL Auto Body & Paint.  My 21-year old 4Runner was hit by an Uber driver.  Uber's east coast insurer had a photographer come by to take pictures of the damage, which they estimated at $562.

    Turned out to be over $3,300!  SLAB&P worked well with the insurer, and miraculously (to me) got the go ahead to repair the vehicle instead of totaling it.  No idea my old 4Runner was worth that much.

    They did a beautiful job.  The whole vehicle sparkled when I got it back.  Very nice people to work with.  Highly recommended.
  • PJ C.

    PJ C.

    Great price. Hassle factor: almost zero.

    Okay, so someone had broken the latch on my car's hatchback in a parking garage when I was on jury duty. !#x#!!@!x

    So I called Silver Lake Auto Body & Paint, which is close to where I live, to start getting estimates. I talked with A.C., the manager, and he suggested I bring it in so he could give me an accurate appraisal.

    I also put out a request for estimates on Yelp and got some nice responses, but also got a surprising amount of junk mail soon thereafter. (hmmm...) So I drove over to Silver Lake Auto Body & Paint - because it's so close and I'm so lazy - to get an estimate. A.C. gave me a competitive price, so he ordered the part and called me the next day when it came in. After jury duty (I was in a bad mood and wanted to find the person Guilty! - unfortunately, it was a civil trial), I drove over, they did it in about hour.
  • Joanna Q.

    Joanna Q.

    I wish I could give these guys 6 stars.  Incredible, honest, reliable, and thorough service.  I got three quotes to get my front bumper replaced and AC at Silver Lake Auto Body gave me the lowest quote by far.  But besides being very affordable, the peace of mind of going to a trusted body shop and knowing you're only paying for necessary repairs is priceless.  I couldn't believe how efficient the service here was -- when I mentioned that I couldn't be without my car for several days, AC arranged to have the replacement bumper painted ahead of dropping my vehicle off so the actual repair only took a few hours.  And the quality of the work was top notch.  Such a relief to know there's a trusty body shop in the neighborhood that performs impeccable work.
  • Prickle C.

    Prickle C.

    Silver Lake Auto Body fixed both of our cars and I have to say they look amazing. I wanted to upgrade the look of my 2005 Honda Element and AC and his team made it look beautiful. They painted the plastic panels so that they blend in with the rest of the car and you would never know they were plastic. The color was spot on as well. Also, our 2007 Prius was in an accident with some significant damage, and now looks sparkly new just like when we bought it. The jobs were done quick and the whole process was effortless. We definitely recommend Silver Lake Auto Body and Paint.
  • William S.

    William S.

    These guys are great. AC is my guy. He fixed my girl friends Prius in a time crunch and got it perfect.  I had to take my 2006 Silverado here recently for a dent in my driver side bed panel. They completely took the bed off, replaced the panel and surprised me by fixing a couple small dings around my cab while they had the bed off for no extra charge. They also re-sprayed my entire bed liner for no extra cost.  And they did it all in 6 days. Color matching is flawless on the paint.  I will only ever bring my cars here.
  • Anita N.

    Anita N.

    I was recommended by a friend to bring my car in when some idiot on our street hit and ran without leaving a note. We met with A.C and he walked us through the details in depth and gave us a really good deal and price to get my car fixed. The results were spectacular and no one would be able to tell the difference on the car. Their fix and paint job is fantastic and I would recommend everyone to at least check in with silver lake auto body shop especially if you drive one of the expensive cars. Really great place
  • William W.

    William W.

    Efficient, professional and friendly. I needed a bumper repaired and painted and won't hesitate next time someone rear ends my car. Price negotiated and drop off took five minutes, and my car was ready, looking brand new, 48 hours later.
  • Casey K.

    Casey K.

    I recommend Silver Lake Auto Body because they take care of their customers, especially AC! The side doors of my 2006 Mazda 3 were damaged in an accident, and I was dreading that my car may be totaled. The work was approved--altogether almost $5,000--and AC personally drove me to pick up my rental car after a mishap with Enterprise, which really says a lot about the people at Silver Lake Auto Body. The crew was able to restore my Mazda 3 like new again! Although there were some minor issues when I got my car back, AC made sure I was satisfied by getting those issues resolved quickly. Now I am so happy to be driving my car again! Thanks AC, and everyone, at Silver Lake Auto Body!
  • Charley P.

    Charley P.

    I had a fantastic experience with Silverlake Auto Body.

    After getting in an accident, I called in advance to get some information (even before I had all of the info from my insurance company) and AC was extremely helpful and forthcoming with the data necessary to inform my next steps. As the work being done was (mostly) covered by my insurance (Progressive) and they took point on every step of the process (including driving me to a nearby rental car spot) so that I didn't need to muck around with any unnecessary paperwork (advantages of them being a certified Progressive shop!).

    All said and done, they finished the work on my car 2 full days in advance of the estimated date, and wax/polished it to boot. Never looked better!

    Exceptional professionalism, high quality bar, and super friendly folks.

    Would highly recommend to any of my friends in a heartbeat!
  • Hannah J.

    Hannah J.

    I got a new car 3 weeks ago, and someone scratched the driver side door.  I am so glad I found this place!  Arsen had me in and out in 5 minutes, with a quick buffer.  These guys are honest and friendly.  There were tons of cars there when I arrived, some coming, some going, which tells me they are a good, reliable business.  Still I was out in 5 minutes!  I am 100% coming back & recommending friends.
  • Miss M.

    Miss M.

    This place really is above and beyond. I have an older car that was on the brink of being totaled from a minor fender bender and they did everything in their power to work with my insurance company to make it so the estimate came under my total amount. Once they got under the hood they also noticed some things that were not right and even though they did not have to fix those things they went ahead and did it because I was concerned about the safety of my car. I really appreciate their thoroughness and communication. Thank you Silver Lake Auto Body!
  • Kristyn B.

    Kristyn B.

    Brought my Jeep here about a year ago and recently brought my BMW in & they always deliver! My car was done on time both times and they did a amazing job! I dealt with A.C. On both occasions cool and honest guy he gives you a estimate in about 15 minutes (maybe less)
  • Joey A.

    Joey A.

    I just pulled in because my car was scraped by a yellow parking pole. Anthony was kind enough to show me that a little paint thinner can go a long way and he got that yellow scrape off my car lickety split! He's the best and didn't even charge me. So fast and pleasant. Coming back for sure!
  • Grant L.

    Grant L.

    I've been to this place 3 times for a damaged front end (don't ask). Every time has been a great experience. The latest repair was to fix a hood latch that would not catch. A.C. ordered a new latch and tried to replace it but the frame was bent. He spent over an hour trying to fix it and unfortunately it would not work. Not his fault. He only charged me a reduced labor rate. These guys are the best.
  • Tyler P.

    Tyler P.

    Great guys. Great work. Great price. AC took care of me and fixed both front and rear bumpers on my mini.
  • Jeff R.

    Jeff R.

    I had a great experience with Silverlake Auto Body. Very professional, helpful and they did a fantastic job repairing the damage to my vehicle. And it ended up being ready earlier than they predicted.

    This will be the place I go from now on. Thanks guys!
  • Andrey P.

    Andrey P.

    Every day I walk past this auto collision center and it is always packed. I had to come in the other day for an estimate, I scraped the entire passenger side against a yellow pole, on a car that does not belong to me. Manager wes extremely friendly, helpful with advice and taking care of the situation. They made the damage an easy fix. Location of this auto collision center is great, inside is clean, and all staff were understanding and personable.
  • Kelsey D.

    Kelsey D.

    Avo and his crew were beyond professional, fast and courteous. I had my first major accident with my car that was in perfect condition. Not only did I get updated calls often (the car had to be in the shop for 2 weeks because of the damage) but Avo even drove it to my car's dealership to get all certifications and tests done to make sure I was happy with the outcome! 5/5 stars and would recommend again
  • Bill B.

    Bill B.

    Super helpful and honest. Brought in a side view mirror that I'd purchased online, and it was the wrong fit. By some miracle, they had the exact same mirror in stock, and just put it on. No charge other than the installation. And it was fast! Will always return and will recommend to others.
  • Brittany A.

    Brittany A.

    AC was super helpful and the experience was quick and easy. I would absolutely go back (but hopefully don't need to in the near future!) My car looks just like new! Thanks SLAB!
  • Josh L.

    Josh L.

    Progressive recommended I drop my car off here. Everyone was great and professional. My car was badly damaged and now it's better than ever. They even fixed some paint problems I had on the house. Really fast service and friendly staff. Thanks again. This will always be my go-to for my car.
  • Diana R.

    Diana R.

    Wonderful workers!
    Super hospitable!
    Very attentive!!!!
    Excellent workmanship!!!!
    Ask for Raj or AC!
    Highly Highly recommend!!!
    They made the unpleasantness
    of dealing with the aftermath of my car
    accident--a breeze!!!
    Excellent-EXCELLENT WORK!!!
  • Sophie W.

    Sophie W.

    The guys here are very nice. I dealt with both AC and Raj and they were very polite and professional. They did a great job on my Toyota Prius. Someone had sideswiped my vehicle and it was all scratched along the right-hand side. When I came to pick it up after being repaired it looked good as new. I would definitely come back here for car repairs.
  • Tatty G.

    Tatty G.

    This shop deserves a zero rating. The person I dealt with was AC. I came in with scratches on my car and asked AC if he could match the paint to the rest of my car and fix the damage. He said no problem he could match the paint.
    I come in to get my car a few days later. THE PAINT DIDN'T MATCH.
    AC told me a bunch of mumbo jumbo about how it can't match because they used factory paint and the polish on the rest of my car has diminished because of the age of the car.
    To me it looks like a completely different shade of black it doesn't match the rest of the car something AC promised me he could do. Had he been upfront with me I would not have bothered to do the work at all. I had my car up on the lift at another body shop just to get a second opinion on the work performed by AC's shop and noticed small like holes on the areas that these guys supposedly fixed. I have photos.
    On top of this they polished the interior of my car with some type of leather polish something I didn't give them permission to do. It left an odor and they also left smug marks on the fabric surrounding the dashboard and other areas they touched. My hood was also open, This was super sketchy. AC told me they cleaned everything. I absolutely didn't give permission for this.
    Cut to today: The service I experienced from AC is an abomination.
    They missed a spot in the area they did the body work on. I wasn't sure if this was something that could be polished out or needed an adjustment.
    So I had to waste my time and come in for a 2nd time. AC said he'd repolish the area. The issue happened when I asked him about the smudge marks on the fabric that his team left when they polished the interior (again without my permission). I asked if he had any type of solvent that could get this out.
    AC had a full meltdown. I'm not talking doubt just being rude the guy started full on yelling at me and said that he tried to make me happy and I'm just too picky and he won't be helping me again. Would not take accountability on staining the fabric and was blaming it on the car being old. The car had no interior damage until I took it to this place.
    He then starts yelling how he had an issue with me a year ago and he's done.
    What he is referring to is when I took my car in to have the bumper fixed. His team took the foam reinforcement that was grease stained and left it on my leather seats again taking no accountability.
    I gave this shop a 2nd chance because of all of the good yelp reviews and I thought they could match the paint as promised. Also I never dreamed they would need to do anything on the interior of my car other than move it.
    AC was not only unprofessional but as a woman I felt threatened by his aggression, and am disappointed with the quality of work.
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